Fundraiser Event

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Virtual PD

July 11, 2020 9am

During this unprecedented time, early childhood professionals have continued to provide care to the young children they serve without much thought of themselves. This is a stressful time for all and this quality assured training will provide you with key information on how stress affects your body, ways to deal with stress, and the benefits of a stress management plan. To register for this training, please go to:

Virtual Conference

August 1, 3, and 5, 2020

How are YOU really doing? Have these last few months been a struggle for you? Feeling like you are caring for others and not focusing on your own mental health? Whether you are an early childhood professional or not, this conference is for you. Join us for a mental health virtual conference around practical approaches and understanding to mental health, Power to the Profession, how COVID-19 has affected our mental health, mindfulness, supporting children and ourselves during this pandemic, panel with state leaders to discuss how our state is handling COVID-19 in our child care and family child care facilities, and more! Just like all of deaeyc's conferences, you will be able to attend whatever training session that you find would be most beneficial for you.

Sessions will be spaced over several days to limit your screen time.

August 1st, 2020 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

*8:00 AM Conference Kick-Off
*8:15-10:15 AM Keynote: Paul McGhee, PhD from The Laughter Remedy
*10:30 AM 1st Session
*Option 1: COVID-19 and Our State
Panel discussion including Belvie Herbert, from Purchase of Care; Jamie Mack, from Division of Public Health-
Health Systems Protection; Kimberly Krzanowski, Ed.D, Executive Director of Office of Early Learning

*Option 2: Mental Health: Practical Approaches and Understanding with Jason Coleman, Community Educator from
The Mental Health Association in Delaware

August 3rd, 2020 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

2nd Session
*Option 1: Power to the Profession and Empowerment with Dr. Michelle Shaivitz, Executive Director of deaeyc and Lucinda Ross, deaeyc Board President

*Option 2: COVID-19 and Our Mental Health with Dr. Jenna DiLossi, Mental Health Clinician and Brandon Everett, Certified Mindfulness Instructor from Minding Your Mind

August 5th, 2020 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

3rd Session
*Option 1: Talking to and Supporting Children and Ourselves During the Pandemic with David J. Schonfeld, MD, FAAP. This webinar was recently featured on NAEYC's website.

*Option 2: Self-Care for Early Childhood Professionals with Michele Brobyn, deaeyc Professional Development Trainer

Registration before July 15th: $35.00 for deaeyc members OR $50.00 non-deaeyc members.
Registration after July 15th: $40.00 for deaeyc members OR $55.00 for non-deaeyc members
Not a member? For $65.00, you can register for the conference and receive an Entry Level Membership to deaeyc!

*Have a group you would like to register? Contact Carmen Gallagher at for more information about discounted prices for group registration.



Conference Registration BEFORE July 15th

Committee Meetings

deaeyc welcomes all members to attend any of our committee meetings! If you are not a member, we would love for you to consider joining and being a part of these wonderful opportunities to support ECE in Delaware!

 The Professional Development Committee: The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to cultivate leadership and incubate innovation strategies that propel the field, profession, and systems of early learning.  This committee will help deaeyc increase its membership and be known as a provider of high quality professional and leadership development, ultimately supporting the sustainability of the organization.  Goals of the committee’s work include providing early childhood programs and professionals throughout the state with access to Delaware AEYC’s resources, content and early childhood systems expertise and pursuing opportunities for innovative projects that fit the mission and forward moving direction of the organization. Pat Belle-Scruggs, Chair



 The Public Policy Committee: The purpose of the Public Policy Committee is to educate, advocate for, and assist in the implementation of early care and education policies that support the well being of Delaware’s children, families and early childhood professionals.  The committee’s work supports NAEYC’s strategic goals that children birth through age eight have equitable access to developmentally appropriate, high-quality early learning and that the early childhood profession is recognized as vital and performing a critical role in society.  The committee meets on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss support for policy and advocacy related issues, assist in the planning of events such as Delaware’s Early Childhood Advocacy Day, shall communicate to the membership relevant national and state level policy proposals and actions, and make advocacy recommendations to the board. Angela Malabet and Phyllis Roland, Co-Chairs




Fundraising Committee: The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to increase public and private donations for deaeyc to promote the mission that supports the strategic goals of NAEYC.  The committee’s work is to plan strategic fundraising activities and to identify sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources. The committee’s work supports fundraising to generate and conduct activities that enhance revenues for the programming, advancement, and continued work of deaeyc for Delaware’s children birth to age eight and their families.  The committee meets monthly to develop an action plan, along with Executive Director, to connect with respective networks for potential donors of money, time and in-kind support.   Janet Leishman, Chair



Membership Committee: The purpose of the Membership Committee is to organize, recruit, and maintain the membership of the association.  The committee meets regularly to make sure they are serving the needs of our community. They reflect and discuss how to maintain membership, what has worked and what hasn’t. The committee is constantly looking at ways to recruit new members and what can be offered to them.  We firmly believe and support the mission statement of NAEYC which says, “NAEYC promotes high-quality early learning for all children, birth through age 8, by connecting practice, policy, and research.” We join with NAEYC to provide the support that our early childhood educators need to provide a high-quality early learning experience for each child. Meg Burns, Chair