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Child Care WAGE$® Testimonials

“WAGE$ has given me the ability to ensure I take time for self care [sic] and self reflection [sic]. Taking time for me gives my students the best me possible. I also enjoy being able to get some special items for my classroom and using WAGE$ to celebrate my students with birthday cards, small gifts, and providing a chance for a child to go on a field trip their family might not have been able to send them on.” Lead Teacher, Level 6


“…the supplement income helps with just that for me. This past fall the supplement assisted in paying for a new desk for myself since I needed to expand and organize my work/personal data, paper files, printers and workspace. I am very grateful this opportunity is available for early ed. teachers. Thank you for working for us. Thank you for your support.” Assistant Teacher, Level 7


“The program has allowed me to meet some of my financial obligations which I could not have normally. I am also part of the TEACH program so having some of my financial burdens taken care of allows me to concentrate on finishing my last few classes in order to graduate in December. I want to stay in the field because I know how important the work we do is and how important it is that ECE teachers are properly educated. I wish that more people understood how much the preschool years set the foundation for elementary school." Teacher, Level 6


“...I have not been receiving the WAGE$ supplement very long but in the short time that I have, it has helped me in ways I never expected. Recently, my expenses took a turn for the worst and I literally had to choose, pay for my past due tuition fees or buy a small amount of groceries! I woke up the next morning and my supplement was deposited. Needless to say, a Hallelujah, was in order! I was able to avoid going to collections with the past due fees and could breathe knowing I would be able to register for the coming semester. We all know that we gotta eat! Thank you deaeyc for all you do to help me improve my life!” Assistant Teacher, Level 1


“The WAGE$ program is important to the children of Delaware and the staff that work with them. In a vocation that is so misunderstood and devalued it brings opportunity and compensation to the people who are doing the most important job in the world! that [sic] benefits every child touched by the grown up who is benefiting from this program! We are grateful to WAGE [sic] and the work that you are doing to ensure the future for children and those who devote their lives to this work! Thank you,…” Director with Participating Staff