WOYC 2015 Provider Profile- Day 1

Bonnie Aube, Little Troopers Family Child Care, Middletown, DE


Bonnie has shown a desire for ongoing quality improvement with her family child care program, Little Troopers, in operation for nearly 20 years. Bonnie was eager to learn about Delaware Stars and how she could grow and learn more as a professional, making her program the best it could be. She has taken great initiative in achieving the program standards. In less than a year, Bonnie achieved Star level 3 and is currently working on Star level 4. She is currently taking TECE 1 and 2 online as well as working to complete the training requirements for her family child care credential, far exceeding the Office of Child Care Licensing requirements.

Bonnie has attended almost every community of practice meeting her cohort has held and is always willing to share ideas and learn from her peers. Most recently, Bonnie has taken the initiative to look into becoming a member of NAEYC, in addition to being a member of DAEYC, further establishing herself as a professional in the field.